The Reflections page in this demonstration is constructed as a Blog page.  Think of this as a Journal.  It will normally show your most recent posts in chronological order.

Here is an interesting link on one person’s view of why it is important to connect your Reflections with your e-Portfolio.  And here is a link on Why Reflect?

It is important to note that you can choose whether to make each entry public or private.  The best portfolio users will have reflections posted publicly which may describe how their skills are developing, and other private entries which that contain more personal reflections.  The author can see all entries, but the public can only see the ones with that privacy setting.

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Heart and Soul

Reflection is the “heart and soul” of a portfolio, and is essential to brain-based learning (Kolb, 1984; Zull, 2002)

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My First Picture Blog

I visited the Bellevue University campus last summer.


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Why a Portfolio?

It’s always challenging to show others what you know.   Today’s employers are often less concerned with your academic record than they are your ability to perform in the workplace.  Thus, documenting what you know is really important.  This e-portfolio of your learning experience is great place to start.  Here is additional information on how to prepare and use  career portfolios and additional tips on documenting your professional abilities.


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Resources for School

Getting into the groove of e-learning and the routine of being in school after a time away can be challenging.  There are a number of great resources available online to help returning students.  Here are some that I located while preparing to start the Flexxive® program at Bellevue University.

A Five Step Strategy for Successful Online Learning (a blog)

5 Tips for Going Back To School

What Makes A Successful Online Learner

Ten Effective Time Management Strategies for College Students and Adult Learners


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